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IKEA Catalog 2013

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for those who prefer to hide their porn…

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Floating Side Table

Darin Montgomery and Trey Jones are frequent collaborators for urbancase LLC, a Seattle based design firm. Their design philosophy is based on a desire to create well crafted objects that contribute to a simpler, pared back lifestyle focusing on basic aesthetic elements and functionality.

We started with the idea of designing a floating side table that could be installed at any height to accommodate various bed and sofa designs. In addition, we wanted a table that could be used in an entry or as a small jewelry/cosmetics table. The design criteria included restricted space, installation flexibility, economical use of material, durability, and of course, function.

As a general rule…we design from the inside out starting with a list of functions and possibilities. It was important to us that no cords run over the top, there be a material that won’t scratch as you’re fumbling with the clock or phone in the middle of the night, and you have a place to set a glass of water. We wanted several options as well. An interior shelf for a few books or magazines and for those who prefer to hide their porn…a drawer.

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10 Clever Ways to Maximize Space

Take a look at some designer tricks for making the most of your square footage. 

Rethink the nightstand. Consider a small or medium stool or side table to perch your lamp and alarm clock and store your books. Here the small tulip side table can serve the person whether she is tucked in bed or lounging on the windowseat. Another fun solution is to create a bedside table out of a stack of books and put your lamp on top of it.  (by Niche Interiors)

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