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“The Chameleon”

When you imagine a trip to Bali, you may think first of lying on white sand beaches in the shade of tall palms. But a bit away from the water is where the magic can really happen. The jungles of Bali are rich with greenery and wildlife — and if you’re lucky enough, you may even find yourself at one of the island’s most luxurious estates, nestled right into that jungle. The home featured here is just such a retreat. Featuring a sparkling clear infinity pool, an outdoor bath, and plenty of indoor space for the long and luxurious evening of a vacation, this home is a true treasure, as you’ll see in the photos from photographer Daniel Koh.

if only work were always this much fun!


image © designboom

palette coaters / labyrinth, spain

piled with heavy boxes and left out in all kinds of weather: life is all work and no play for industrial wooden pallets. 

luckily for them, spain based design duo labyrinth (doron andre hadar from israel and carmen dullnig from austria) has scaled down the standard euro pallet to one tenth of its size, creating these stackable palette coasters that are exact miniatures of the industrial models, right down to their quality stamps.

you give them a fun place to stay, and in return, the durable coasters will do all the heavy lifting to keep your drinks off the table.  if only work were always this much fun!  (anita db, 2011)  

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