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The Makeover…It’s Personal – The Master Bedroom with Walk-in Closet and Ensuite Bath

The demolition and construction started in our service kitchen that will house our future Master’s Bedroom.

Since the whole house will apparently be uncomfortable to live,  we decided to prioritize the bedroom as originally planned and suggested to the architect.  This will be the Phase 1.  The room will accommodate my whole family during the renovation period.

We wanted the same requirements as in our previous one, but we wanted it to have a high ceiling, bigger space with the open shelves walk-in closet and ensuite T&B as usual.  The architect suggested making a customized king size bed frame with headboard, including the side tables.

This room has been our common bedroom, our refuge from all dust and mess from outside and temporary storage.  It was definitely an unwelcoming idea for my wife, but does she have any choice?  Even if it was not yet ready for the installation of the air-conditioning unit, it was immediately installed.

This Swimming Pool Sits Comfortably In The Countryside Of Portugal

Mario Martins Atelier designed this swimming pool at a home in Portugal, where the design intention was described as “simple with a quiet presence, and where the natural vegetation, of almond and carob trees, typical of the Algarve countryside, predominates.”

Photography by Fernando Guerra FG + SG

“This Swimming Pool Sits Comfortably In The Countryside Of Portugal.” Accessed September 16, 2015.

Farmhouse by A.D.D. Concept + Design

Photography courtesy of A.D.D. Concept + Design

Farmhouse by A.D.D. Concept + Design (Farmhouse by A.D.D. Concept + Design)

sea, sun and stars

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  All Photos by Ekapon Krobtong

Villa of the Rising Sun

The largest and most indulgent of the retreats, the Villa of the Rising Sun features spacious open plan living with incredible panoramic views of Koh Tao, the open ocean and the little sister island of Koh Nangyuan. The design couples loft-style living at large with contemporary tropical ambience.

  • Floor Plan – 300 m2
  • 2 Bedroom – each with en suite bathroom
  • 3 Bathrooms in total
  • Open plan Kitchen, Study, Dining and Living area that features a mega-sized day-bed, plus an expansive decked terrace
  • Private Swimming Pool
  • Fan systems – This villa has fan systems and is also naturally cooled by breeze and elevation on the hillside


…because the dream of whispering waves and palm-shaded luxury becomes reality in only the most seldom of lucky places.    (Casas del Sol)

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Timeless glamour, truly remarkable…

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