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This Swimming Pool Sits Comfortably In The Countryside Of Portugal

Mario Martins Atelier designed this swimming pool at a home in Portugal, where the design intention was described as “simple with a quiet presence, and where the natural vegetation, of almond and carob trees, typical of the Algarve countryside, predominates.”

Photography by Fernando Guerra FG + SG

“This Swimming Pool Sits Comfortably In The Countryside Of Portugal.” Accessed September 16, 2015.

Aradas House by RVDM Architects

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RVDM Architects have designed the Aradas House in Aveiro, Portugal.


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AIRES MATEUS | House for elderly people in Alcácer, Alcácer do Sal, Pt

Houses for eldery people in Alcácer do Sal / Alcácer do Sal, Portugal / 2006-2010
Footprint area: 1560 m2 / Floor gross area: 3640 m2

Authors: Francisco Aires Mateus, Manuel Aires Mateus
Collaborators: Giacomo Brenna, Paola Marini, Anna Bacchetta, Miguel Pereira
Client: Santa Casa da Misericordia de Alcácer do Sal
Engineer: Engitarget, lda
Constructor: Ramos Catarino, Sa
Landscape architecture: ABAP Luis Alçada Batista

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