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This Floor Is Made Of Broken Shards Of Glass

Gisele Taranto Architecture has partnered with LZ Studio to create a laboratory of ideas – LAB LZ by GT. This partnership has resulted in a space that has been designed specifically for Casa Cor Rio.

Currently on show until October 4th at Villa Aymoré, Casa Cor Rio invites architects and designers to design their spaces, like a fashion show, using a lot of creativity and seeking to present to the public the biggest releases of materials, technologies and design concepts.

This year, LAB LZ by GT, have designed a space with a suspended glass floor, featuring mirror shards located in the empty space between the existing subfloor and finished floor.

The designers used the mirrors to highlight the concept of depth and reflection that they were aiming to achieve with this interior.

Collaborators: Maneco Quinderé (Lighting), Vanda Klabin (curating art) and Landscape (landscaping)
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210 Square Foot MODERN Tiny House- WITH NO LOFT!

Replacing a Burned Down House Surrounded By Experimental Vegetation: GK House

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Located in the historic district of North Carolina’s Chapel Hill town, the GK House sits on a 1.5 acre site sloping from east to west. Accessible via an easement through an adjoining property, this imposing structure gathers wood, stone and glass in a contemporary display of architecture. Originally part of the Coker Estate, where amateur botanist Dr Coker composed a distinctive collection of plants derived from his experiments, the house sits surrounded by woods and greenery that offer an original outdoor experience. Constructed after the sketches of Raleigh- based Kenneth Hobgood Architects, the residential structure replaces the original house that burned down to the ground and took part of the vegetation down with it. Collaborating with landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburg, architects managed to revive the grounds and compose a bright, cheery and stylish set of interior and exterior spaces, as you can see in the photos.  (Teicu)

Teicu, Ada. “Replacing a Burned Down House Surrounded By Experimental Vegetation: GK House.” Freshome Design & Architecture. N.p., 12 Aug. 2012. Web. Web. 12 Aug. 2012.

RMDM architects: 10 very high performance apartments – social housing, paris

image © cecile septet (all images courtesy of RMDM)

french firm RMDM architects have recently completed ’10 very high performance apartments’, a social housing building within the 18th arrondissement of paris, france. with the encompassing urban block undergoing transformation, this pair of structures offers a home to lower income residents while an outdoor area for repose creates a vegetated buffer zone between the building and densely developed district. an entry elevation clad with vertically sliding aluminum cassette panels in three tones of white to gray activate the facade projecting a structure which is entirely closed off from the surrounding environment or dynamically adjusts to the daily activity of dwellers. the hinges allow the shutters to be opened in diverse degrees, offering privacy and protection from solar gain.

a U-shaped plan wraps an open-air patio to benefit each of the units from natural daylight. living spaces are oriented to overlook the dynamic and communal spaces. two of the roof wings feature terraces while a row of inclined solar panels mirror the exterior’s aesthetic and support hot water production. (db)

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Potential for Collapse – Reverse Dowry

Akke Functional Art
…a unique element of modern design of signature pieces designed to inspire and provoke.

all images copyright by Robert Lowell Photography

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mortar & pestle

…like a cave woman, I bash defiant grains, piling them all to an aromatic dust heap.  (Keret)

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“My name is Nathan Tobiason.”

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I design and build functional objects.   (Tobiason)

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visa for dreamland

image © designboom

‘night night’ is a lamp that is meant to accompany people to sleep. designed by belgian-based vanessa hordies it takes the form of an hourglass in which the sand within covers the actual light, drowning out the luminosity of the bedroom. when you turn the hourglass over, a timer switches on for 15 minutes, approximately the amount of time needed for someone to fall asleep.

research has shown that it usually takes people between ten to twenty minutes to fall asleep.  the objective of ‘night night’ is simple. following the sleeper during his or her nightly ritual, the lamp’s function is to switch off so that it does not remain on for the entire duration of the night.

all of the electronics are built into the light’s wooden base. when a button is pushed the lamp switches on for 15 minutes. it is essential for the lamp turn off on its own, enabling the sleeper to get his visa for dreamland.

‘night night’ was presented as part of ‘101% designed in brussels’ during the 2011 stockholm furniture fair.

(Andrea, 2011)
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Do Be Discreet

via Yanko Design

I have always wanted to put my favorite books on display, hoping someone else would see and enjoy them, but I have struggled with finding a solution that doesn’t look too deliberate… until now.  The Piastra is a wall mounted book shelf that brings home the functional simplicity of the magazine rack to create an all-around dynamic interior object that allows quick and intuitive access to reading.

Designer: Flussocreativo

The satin stainless steel and hidden LED lighting make for a super clean way to show off your favs. 

(Turner, 2011)

think black lines

Phillips de Pury
at Saatchi Gallery
Private exhibition

 A solo exhibition by Phillips de Pury & Company at the Saatchi Gallery in London from the London Design Festival in September to the Frieze Art Fair in October.
‘Outlines were the theme of the exhibition. Slight black lines like the traces of sketches drawn in the air made transparent surfaces and volumes appear, which we assigned practical functions. The outlines remained after simplifying paintings of plants and animals. They are condensed expressions of meaning, similar to Japanese calligraphy. The designs gently break the relationship of before and behind, and traverse at times the space between two and three dimensions. Multi-faceted and constantly morphing, they move alternately between the becoming and collapse of form.  (nendo)

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‘water stopping water’


image © lunar europe

lunar europe have reinterpreted the rather mundane kitchen sink stopper.the design group has turned the object into a sculpture in which the water in a basin is captured by a single, perfect drop. the simple design, ‘water stopping water” echoes the water in which it holds creating a bit of irony in the sink.   (andrea, 2009)


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Bubble Chair

Photo by East Hotel

The Bubble chair was designed by Eero Aarnio in 1968 in Finland. It is made of acrylic or steel frame and leather or polyurethane fabric cushions. It is distributed by Adelta. The chair is suspended from above leading to a floating or bubble-like sensation. It is considered an industrial design classic and advanced the usage of plastics in furniture design. The chair is considered modernist or spaceage and is often used to symbolise the 1960s period.

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if only work were always this much fun!


image © designboom

palette coaters / labyrinth, spain

piled with heavy boxes and left out in all kinds of weather: life is all work and no play for industrial wooden pallets. 

luckily for them, spain based design duo labyrinth (doron andre hadar from israel and carmen dullnig from austria) has scaled down the standard euro pallet to one tenth of its size, creating these stackable palette coasters that are exact miniatures of the industrial models, right down to their quality stamps.

you give them a fun place to stay, and in return, the durable coasters will do all the heavy lifting to keep your drinks off the table.  if only work were always this much fun!  (anita db, 2011)  

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Religion, aesthetics, and geometry are three interwoven, complementary entities. They produce the resonance of stunning rhythms. – FJ

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a CHAIRThis chair is a compromise between an object of everyday use and art installation. The chair that is comfortable to sit on, can be exposed as a sculpture in an inspiring space.
The legs, arms, and torso all resemble certain characteristics that cross between each other. On the other hand, you can completely change that mentality by adding a few lines that can blur the difference between the two. 
The combination of colours and materials  makes it a product in the concept store and a piece in the art gallery. The name, aCHAIR, comes from its spiral shape, which looks like a small letter “a”. It symbolises an author’s wish to mark his first steps in a new, creative adventure of design.
Ivo, designed a multiform chair that, at the same time, is noted for its simplicity of design.
aChair is the name of the object that led Otasevic towards the lights of worldwide recognition in the last Design Fair of Milan.  (ADMIN, 2010)
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