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Belleuve Hill Residence / New South Wales, Australia

(Molnar Freeman Architects)

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Bedroom Decorating Ideas from Evinco

Transform your bedroom into an ultra-modern space.  (evincodesign, 2007-2011)


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Buensalido Architects / PHILIPPINES

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Architects: Buensalido Architects
Location: Paranaque Metro Manila, Philippines
Project area: 300 sqm
Project year: 2009-2010
Photographs: Buensalido Architects


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L’impression numérique sur carrelage

Digital printing on tiles that provide aesthetic and design an original decoration for a unique style.  (ONKYO)

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Hans Wegner Chairs

Hans J Wegner, 1915–2007
He was trained as a cabinet-maker before attending the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts, where he later lectured from 1946 to 1953. From 1938 to 1942, he worked as a furniture designer in Arne Jacobsen and Erik Moller´s architectural practice. In 1943, he set up his own office in Gentofte and collaborated with Borge Mogensen in the design of an apartment shown at the 1946 Cabinetmakers´ Exhibition in Copenhagen. Throughout his long career, he has designed furniture extensively for Johannes Hansen and Fritz Hansen. The Royal Society of Arts, London made him an Honorary Royal Designers for Industry in 1959. (


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10 Clever Ways to Maximize Space

Take a look at some designer tricks for making the most of your square footage. 

Rethink the nightstand. Consider a small or medium stool or side table to perch your lamp and alarm clock and store your books. Here the small tulip side table can serve the person whether she is tucked in bed or lounging on the windowseat. Another fun solution is to create a bedside table out of a stack of books and put your lamp on top of it.  (by Niche Interiors)

See more…Make More Room by Stacking Beds, Ditching Nightstands and Climbing Ladders  (Becky)

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Softly contoured sides descend gracefully to the floor uncluttered by waste pipe work and an extended backrest provides full head support; essential for those long luxurious soaks.

A naturally superior bath: It may sound obvious, but not all baths are created equally.  (Victoria + Albert Ltd)


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Wohnhaus Weinsteiggasse / Stammersdorf, Weinsteiggasse 6

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Stammersdorf / Haus Weinsteiggasse 

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Get Inspired : 10 Amazing Modern Bathroom Designs

Use these stunning contemporary bathroom design ideas to design the perfect bathroom for your home. They are different in style and design but all of them are just incredible!  (Fathi-Poor, 2011)

See more…Amazing Modern Bathroom Designs

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9 Designer Color Palettes

Are you craving a colorful new look but are stumped about where to start? We asked a handful of designers to share the color palettes they’re using now to give rooms a refresh. (We’ve given the paint match for each color so you can use the paint chips to coordinate fabric, furniture, and more.)   (Garlock)

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Black & White Interior Design Inspiration

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Deko // Susanna Vento // photography Mirva Kakko //

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