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5 Clever Small Loft Ideas

Crunched for space, the residents of these homes—mostly under 1,000 square feet—have the same ideas: look upward and compartmentalize. Lofted sleeping areas, closets, and reading nooks are among the smart space-saving solutions.

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warehouse, amsterdam

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This ground-floor warehouse home between Bloemgracht and Bloemstraat was dark, with an impractical layout. The owner also wanted an extra bedroom. With the windows being located at a height of three metres, a smart solution was required to create extra space while also retaining the existing daylight. By sinking the floor by 30 centimetres, enough height was created for a ‘floating’ glass bedroom, allowing daylight to filter through to the living room. Beneath this suspended cube, enough room remained for a spacious open kitchen. VASD custom-designed most of the furniture for this project. High-quality materials such as Murano glass, Belgian bluestone, and American maple offset the bare plaster.   (VASD interieur & architectuur)

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Calem Rubin Residence / Bestheda, Maryland

Originally constructed in 1939, the brick colonial stule house was rebuilt as a composition of modern form and timeless materials.  As a reinvention of the existing massing, linear stucco walls conceptually wrap and protect a stone pavilion inserted within.  This massing reflects the divisions of public and private spaces within the house.  The massive entry door interrupts the facade and open to the gallery and circulation spine.  To the north lies the kitchen is the library, double-height living room and outdoor room.  Taut minimal stairs lead up to a bridge on the second floor which overlooks the living room and culminates at the floating third floor, a device used to bright light deep within the core volume.   (David Jameson Architect Inc.)


  • 2006 Baltimore AIA / Baltimore Magazine Award of Excellence
  • 2006 Custom Home Magazine Merit Award
  • 2006 Virginia Society AIA Award for Excellence in Architecture

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