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somewhere in the middle of nature…

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{pics by Steve Keating Photography}

Every once in a while, we all feel the need to go somewhere private, somewhere in the middle of nature where we can relax and clear our mind. We usually look for a cabin where we can spend a few relaxing days with out loved one or with friends and family. But there’s also another option: to build your own private cabin where you can go whenever you feel the need to.

Here’s a very nice example of such a structure. It’s located in Methow Valley, Washington, USA and it was designed by Balance Associates Architects. The cabin features a very simple and authentic look and it’s also very cleverly divided so that everyone can enjoy their time spent there. The private and public areas are divided in a very functional way. There are basically two primarily shapes that form this cabin.

The first floor is where all the living areas can be fond. The public areas of the living, dining and the kitchen feature large windows and a lot of glass so it’s quite open and allows the users to enjoy the beautiful landscape. The private areas are more intimate. The windows are smaller and they feature lower ceiling heights. Also, the seem more massive.

It’s a very functional cabin, well designed, taken into consideration all the factors and all the needs of those who might spend their time there. It’s located in a very beautiful area and the views are quite spectacular. (Simona)

Simona, Ganea. “Wintergreen Mountain Cabin by Balance Associates Architects.” Homedit. 10 Aug 2011. Web. 10 Aug 2011. <;.


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