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House of the Indian Ocean

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  via House Home Design – House and Home Design Idea

For the owner of a large tire manufacturing Pierre Prenzhe famous Tadao Ando has built in Sri Lanka villa, as disclosed in the Indian Ocean. Pierre Prenzhe arrived in Sri Lanka about 15 years ago as a tourist and was so fascinated by the island that remained on it forever. At first he worked at a local factory, and then started his own business producing tires, has been very successful. However, after 2004, when the tsunami struck the island, better known as Pierre’s benefactor, donated to help victims of disaster is very large sum. By the way, the tsunami then, six years ago, was postponed construction of his house a businessman, and only in 2010 by Tadao Ando was able to realize his project. The choice in favor of this particular architect has done Prenzhe wife – a famous Belgian artist Saskia Pintelon (Saskia Pintelon), counting Ando greatest architects of our time. It is noteworthy that, while working on a project villas, Ando so not once visited Sri Lanka: its “eyes” on the island were members of a local architectural office PWA Architects. The house has three wings, composed around a central patio. One wing is completely set aside for the master bedroom, second – under the art studio and gallery, while a third settled public areas, such as two rows of windows living room, dining room, terrace, spectacular console frozen in space, and even a pool. It is worth noting that the last two wings are in terms of elongated rectangles, the divergent angle of 45 degrees. This home is instantly recognized as “andovsky” for several reasons. First, of course, is plastered concrete , from which all the walls of the villa and that is present in most of the interior – very few contemporary architects can make this brutal stuff “sound” is so lyrical and clean. Secondly, skillfully used the possibility of natural light. In the layout of the house is dominated by two rows of windows of the space, and to the surrounding scenic beauty and the Indian Ocean, he faces panoramic windows and large open terraces. 

(House Home Design – House and Home Design Idea)

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