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How to decorate your home with fruits and vegetables?

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Fruits and vegetables are often used on certain occasion and festivals for decorating the home. How about using the same for decoration all the year round? Yes, fruits and vegetables can easily be used to make stunning decorations throughout the year. Decoration with fruits and vegetables is an inexpensive process, and you also have the exceptional opportunity to change the decor frequently.

Fruits and vegetables come in an array of astonishing colors. It is totally up to your creativity to how to use the colorful elements of nature to decorate your home.  However, it is assured that no matter how you employ fruits and vegetables for decoration, they shall definitely vow the visitors and guests coming to your home.

First of all, you need to select an arrangement of fruits and vegetables that you wish to use for decoration. Try to select the seasonal fruits and vegetables, as you can buy them for cheap and they also last longer. In addition, try to select a variety of fruits and vegetables in terms of colors, shapes and textures.

Select containers and vases in which you would decorate the fruits and vegetables. Vases can only be chosen if they are transparent or translucent. However, it is better to select large containers with large volume so that a number of fruits and vegetables can be decorated.

Fill the vases and containers with the selected fruits and vegetables.  The bigger ones should be placed at the bottom, and the smaller ones should be placed at the top. In addition, the fruits and vegetables that are soft should also be kept at the top. Use your creativity to arrange them.

Some tips – arrange asparagus stalks around the perimeter of the bowl and tie them with a ribbon, decorate individual grapes on the edges of a flat plate, spread a lettuce leaf on a plate and arrange the fruits and vegetables on it, intersperse the arrangement with leafy vegetables, herbs, leaves and flowers.Place the decorated bowl as a center piece on a table or a desk.

If you are creative, then you may also carve fruits and vegetables in stunning patterns and blend them with knife peels to create decorative displays. Fruits and vegetables filled in long glass bottles and jars also look amazingly good.

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