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Care Information For Your Rug

Photo by Chevalier édition

When required, it is very important to have your carpet professionally cleaned. Dirt can filter down into the pile where it can accumulate and become abrasive, causing greater wear than that simply caused through regular passage. Furthermore, the fibres of any rug need to be re-hydrated on a regular basis.

When a rug is new, loose yarns may start to appear. Do not try to remove them as this could damage your rug. This is a totally normal occurrence, being an intrinsic feature of wool.

Regular care of your rug should include the following: 

  • Weekly vacuuming in the direction of the pile to prevent dust build-up.
  • Every 3 to 5 years a professional clean is required, with rugs in areas of high foot traffic, such as a living room or hallway, needing more frequent care than a rug in, say, a bedroom.

Spills & Stains

In the event of a stain you have to act fast, treating from the outer edge into the centre, but do not rub. Start by taking up the excess with a spoon or a knife and absorb the rest with a clean, white cloth. Rinse with clear water, followed by a mixture of  Woolite and water. Repeat this process a few times. Finish by brushing the pile back into place. 

(Chevalier édition)
Chevalier édition, . (n.d.). Chevalier conservation. Retrieved from

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