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Glass House

The Glass House or Johnson house, built in 1949 in New Canaan, Connecticut, was designed by Philip Johnson as his own residence and is a masterpiece in the use of glass.  It was an important and influential project for Johnson and his associate Richard Foster, and for modern architecture.  The building is an essay in minimal structure, geometry, proportion, and the effects of transparency and reflection.  The estate includes other buildings designed by Johnson that span his career.

The house is an example of one of the earliest uses of industrial materials like glass and steel in home design.  Johnson lived at the weekend retreat for 58 years and since 1960 with his longtime companion, David Whitney, an art critic and curator who helped design the landscaping and largely collected the art displayed there.   (“Glass House,” )

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205. House in Vacarisses, Barcelona

Project: 2006-2007
Work: 2007-08
Area: 157 m2 
Prizes: Winner ‘Sustainable Architecture Award 5Bav’ 2009 / Selected X Spanish Architecture Biennial’ 2009 / Selection  ‘Spain Architecture Congress’ 2009 exhibition

At first it appeared that the site was not suitable for the construction of a house. However, removal of the surface layer of earth exposed a wide bank of rock upon which a house could be placed without damaging the surroundings. The following objectives, shared by the developer, were met: to take advantage of the uniqueness of the location, to minimize the movement of earth, to take advantage of the existing natural layout in order to provide entry to and exit from the garden, and to conserve the features of the forest and its flora. The only artificial changes will be the adjustment of the access road and the construction of the house, which is conceived using sustainable criteria and which will have a low environmental impact.
Construction will use wooden load bearing walls with a frame system to unite the structure, surrounds and carpentry and so allow an internal design of a series of equally sized rooms of flexible use, as is called for by the logic of the construction.  (H Arquitetes)


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Cozy Home Filled with Color and Charm in Barcelona

A true showcase of freshness and tasteful design.  (Lavinia)


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dyrlov photography / denmark


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The Bojanic House by Martin Fenlon Architecture

…an open plan of spaces oriented towards the view, set within a heavy, monolithic mass which provides the necessary closure and protectively hovers above. The negotiation of these opposing aspects is most evident in the entrance; a solid wall, with a door weighing hundreds of pounds, becomes the point of entry which is situated within, and counter to, the open glass walls.  (Dave, 2011)


Westside Road / Healdsburg, CA

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(Dowling Kim Studios)

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Casa O Teolo, 2008

Casa O Teolo, 2008  (Andrea Tognon Architect)

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